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Formed to address the Double Density issue that directly affects the Brook Creek Neighborhood. We hope to broaden the content to include other aspects of our neighborhood. Please be involved and feel free to contribute. 
Steps you can do right now:
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  2. Let the City of Lawrence know how you feel, by letter or email.
  3. Attend the public meetings, you get 3 minutes to tell them what you think.
The phrase "Double Density" is short phrase that describes allowing a Developer to "Double" the "Density" of houses in a neighborhood. This refers to a proposal that the City of Lawrence is considering passing in the name of "affordable housing" that would give a Developer the right to build two "affordable" dwellings on lots that are currently only allowed one. This proposal is called text amendment TA-18-00467.
In the name of "Affordable Housing", the City of Lawrence aims to turn all single family lots into double density family lots. At the same time, the City wants to bypass a neighborhood's right of protest and only allow the Developer the right to decide what gets build. It sounds like a noble cause but the reality is that Developers will only build these "affordable houses" in Brook Creek, while continuing to protect the value of homes in the City's more wealthier neighborhoods, keeping them free of "Low-Income Housing".
Brook Creek Neighborhood Assoc. has notified the City that it is against "Double Density" in 2 letters:
  1. letter to the Affordable Housing Advisory Board
  2. letter to the Planning Commission(June 24, 2019).
  3. letter to the Planning Commission(Aug 28, 2019).
Here's a quick summary:
  1. Brook Creek is Already Dense Enough. Our lots are small. Instead, increase the density in the sparsely settled, low-density areas out west.
  2. Double Density: Double Problems. Double density doubles the people, pavement, flooding, noise, dogs, parking, etc.
  3. Clustered Uniformity is a Ghetto. Dense clustering creates mono-cultural ghettos. It harms our neighborhood livability and property values. Income diversity is healthier and more vital.
  4. Brook Creek Has Most Poor Housing. Brook Creek already has mobile home parks, public housing, Habitat for Humanity, and Tenants to Homeowners.
  5. Infill Density Takes Food Garden Lots. Our gardening neighborhood is losing food garden lots to infill density. Is urban agriculture no longer important?
  6. Double Density Law: Anti-Democratic. The double density law would let a developer double up a lot without public hearing or protest by neighbors.
It's good to hear from people about their views on various issues. Here's some quote gems.