"In regards to the affordable board being bold and such, of course we dont have enough units locally. Theres no way well come close, even with our goals that weve set, its a drop in the bucket. But I will say, as a service provider, to not cluster homes is one of the key critical success criteria for respect, and dignity, and kids performance at school, and things like that, when were part of the norm, not part of the other. And so as an advisory board, I cannot state strongly enough to be very cautious when were looking at clustering projects, even though it is affordable  10 June 2019
"We do not want to create areas of just low-income housing. All of the research rejects
that model. A more dispersed everyone-in-every-neighborhood is a better process" 
10 June 2019
"Were not going to put a small bungalow next to a $1 Million house. We'll put it where it fits" - 16 May 2018
"I hear this discussion about you don't want clustering of affordable housing. If somebody would give me 40 units someplace, I would take them. Do we have too much affordable housing clustering up in Lawrence any place? Give me 40 units in one cluster some place else. I'll take them. Perimeter of the town, fill an empty lot some place, carve out a corner of some playground some place. I mean, we need affordable housing units"  10 June 2019
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