Stop Double Density in the Brook Creek Neighborhood
Brook Creek for years has been the recipient of many failed projects of the City of Lawrence to address its "Low Income Housing" problems. Brook Creek has received the majority of Trailer Parks, "Tenants to Homeowners", and section 8 housing projects, and our land values (the cheapest in the City) reflect that.
To date, the wealthier neighborhoods, with the help of the City of Lawrence, have ZERO "Low-Income" Housing.

The new push of the City towards the West has opened up large tracts of land and yet none of them are allocated towards the "Low-Income" bracket of its population.

Now the City of Lawrence under the new branding of "Affordable Housing" is attempting to continue dumping its problems into the Brook Creek Neighborhood, while continuing to protect these wealthier neighborhoods.
The City of Lawrence currently uses and funds "Tenants to Homeowners" as its "Affordable Housing" provider, a company that buys almost exclusively East of Mass. St. (90%), and particularly favors purchasing Brook Creek's single family lots (42%).

The problem is Brook Creek has no representation within the City of Lawrence, while there is plenty of representation for the wealthier neighborhoods. 
Requests for considerations by Neighborhood Associations are quietly ignored, and home owners complaints are branded as NIMY-ism (Not In My Back Yard). 

The City's policies are in fact the most NIMBY-est of all, when you consider that only 3 of its neighborhoods (each one East of Mass. St.) are receiving almost 80% of the City's "Affordable Housing" through its provider, "Tenants to Homeowners".

The City put together an Affordable Housing Advisory Board to advice them on the issues of Affordable Housing. 
The Chairman of the Advisory Board (Mr. Ron Gaches) who lives in a single house on a single acre in the middle of the affluent Alvamar Neighborhood, has been chosen to further guide the City of Lawrence's NIMBY practices. He is particularly vocal about supporting the dumping of low-income housing in clusters, and denying those affected communities any rights to say otherwise (Listen here...).