Tenants To HomeOwners (TTH, Inc.) is a private, nonprofit 5O1(c)(3) corporation based in Lawrence, KS.

They renovate and construct houses for rental or ownership for a low to moderate income clientele. They get their funding from various sources, one of which is the City of Lawrence.

Unfortunately they have re-invented the "Trailer Park" business model and cleverly market their Products under the phrase "Affordable Housing". It's certainly a phrase you can't argue with, who doesn't support "Affordable Housing"?

One of the strong arguments for promoting "Affordable Housing" is to move low income people out of high cost rental situations to more affordable housing with the promise of home ownership and over time, an equity gain. 

However the TTH, Inc. Product offers little benefit for all parties in the "Affordable Housing" cause.

Good for the Tenant?:
  • The Tenant can only buy a TTH. Inc. house at a price that is set by TTH. Inc. The buy price is not set by the open market.
  • The Tenant can only buy the house and cannot own the land underneath.
  • The Tenant pays rent to TTH. Inc. for the land underneath the house.
  • The Tenant can only sell their house back to TTH. Inc. at a price set by TTH. Inc. The sell price is not set by the open market, and if there is an equity profit (difference between the buy and the sell price), TTH. Inc. keeps 75% and the Tenant gets 25%.
Good for the Neighborhood?:
  • TTH. Inc. all the land it owns are assets of the corporation and cannot return to the open market. The land will never change hands, what's there remains permanently.
  • Neighboring property valuations theoretically will not be affected by the artificially maintained TTH. Inc. property valuations.
Tenants To HomeOwners (TTH. Inc.) has a very narrow distribution of lots, they predominately buy only in low-income neighborhoods, with the lion's share in the Brook Creek Neighborhood. As of January 2019, they own 106 lots with over 90% distributed in low income neighborhoods. Out of the 19 neighborhoods in Lawrence, only 2 are primarily targeted by TTH.Inc.
Tenants To HomeOwners Property Distribution
NeighborhoodNumber of Lots% of Total
12 Other Neighborhoods44
Brook Creek4142
Prairie Park2627
East Lawrence1010
North Lawrence99
Santa Fe Industrial Park22
Tenants To Homeowners, Inc. have been providing a form of affordable housing since 1992.  Initially, and for a number of years after that, their approach was to acquire and rehabilitate houses, or acquire land and build a house on it, and sell the house and the land to persons who could not qualify for market based mortgages.  They also rehabilitated or built houses for rental.  Brook Creek Neighborhood supported them and worked with them for these kinds of affordability.
Robert Swann worked with Slater King, a cousin of Martin Luther King, Jr. to found the first community land trust (CLT) in the U.S. in 1969, New Communities, Inc.  It was a 5700 acre rural community near Albany GA with the purpose of securing land ownership for African-American farmers.  Ownership of the land was established by two mechanisms.